Different Types of Indian Musical Instruments

  • Harmonium. If we have pianos as a regular sight in our households, the harmonium is the most frequent instrument in Indian homes. The harmonium is like a small piano, but as an alternative of strings, it makes sound with the use of wind that is propelled out through a set of pedals. There are as many dissimilarities of this instrument and each has its distinctive set of notes it can play and some are used in religious rituals.
  • Mridangam. It is a drum that can be strummed on both sides. One side is broader than the other side and it is played deceitful on its side so that both hands can strike both sides. Like string instruments, this drum is refrained by adjusting the straps that are wrapped around its body.
  • Shehnai. This one looks something similar to a flute with the snout of a trumpet. Its main body is made of wood and painted in different colors, but the snout is made of metal and can have complex designs as well. The Indians have a strapping belief that it brings good fortune, so they use it regularly during weddings.
  • Sitar. If you are well-known with the banjo, the sitar seems amazing like that, only bigger. Just make the neck longer, add more strings and bend the frets. Unlike the guitar that has a gap in the middle where you pluck it, the sitar doesn't. Its main body is closed, but because of this structure, it produces quite a different sound than most instruments of its kind.
  • Tabla. This one is pretty much like the bongos, with one drum smaller and the other drum bigger and played quite the same way. You use different parts of your hands in hitting these drums to make different kinds of sounds. There are also different techniques in striking the drum to create different effects.
  • Tanpura. This is said to be the counterpart of the sitar, like the alto to a soprano. It is bigger than the sitar, but its components are quite the same. It is said that when there is an arrangement, it is not at all complete without the presence of the tanpura.
There are additional types of musical instruments in India you can prefer from. It must be noted that these tools work together to produce harmony. In the country of countries, there also fit in a world full of instruments. If Indian music prickles your fancy, have a try and experience a whole different world.

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